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How far can you go??

Labyrinth Larry is a labyrinth escape game where you are plunged into a virtually unlimited series of labyrinths that increase in size and complexity as the game progresses. The player has a limited amount of time to collect a number of goal orbs and avoid different pitfalls and traps in order to open the portal leading to the next labyrinth.

Due to the nature of the enclosed spaces, the game lends itself well to natural jump-scare encounters, especially in the higher levels.


Gameplay is very straight forward and uses the standard WASD keys with mouse-look to navigate and space bar to jump.

The left SHIFT key provides a temporary sprinting boost, while the 'E' key drops a flare and the 'F' key operates your flashlight.

Each level gets larger and more complex, and you are never given the same labyrinth twice, not even when you fail and try the same level again.

The "Difficulty" system controls the amount of time you have to complete each level with Easy being the most time, and Extreme being the least. If you find you just cannot complete a level within the allotted time, you can always Quit to the menu, change the difficulty setting, then "Continue Last Game"


Currently there are Guardians that fly over the labyrinth from goal point to goal point and scanning them to detect intruders, and there is a hunter that gets released into the labyrinth itself to run between goals and terminate any intruder it finds. There are also Spinners that knock you back, and there's a crusher that will kill you if it comes crashing down upon you.

The Guardians give chase when they spot the player.

The Hunters are more goal oriented and—while they will fire relentlessly at the players—they do not currently give chase.

Hunters begin at level 3.

Guardians begin at level 5.

Spinners and Crushers are there right from the beginning, just to annoy you.

Things To Be Added

There are plenty of gameplay elements that will be added as game development continues:

  • Random environment changes for each level to improve visual appeal
  • A collection of pickups and pitfalls to help and hinder the player (some of these are in there already—flashlight and flare—in an unlimited quantity, but that will change in later versions.)
  • More control of sound and video settings through an expanded 'options' menu.
  • Your suggestions!

[UPDATE: 4/4] Fixed a problem where the installer wasn't giving the correct location for the desktop icon.

[UPDATE: 4/11] Enhanced some of the behavioral elements of the Hunter bot, and changed the entry levels for the hunters from level 4 to level 3, and the Guardians from level 6 to level 5.

[UPDATE: 4/16] Added Spinners and Crushers. Also added a Health system. The only thing that gives you one-hit kills now are the crushers. You do NOT want to be under them!


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